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  1. traubman

    olive oil (bottled)

    I have build Kens and am delivering the materials, however for the Greek dressing you need olive oil. Now looking in the xml file it says bottledoliveoil, but i can`t find where to produce it. And judging by the documents on the forum it is added after a update as they don`t mention olive oil or...
  2. traubman

    logistic centre bug

    There are still a few bugs in the logistic centre. Most common is with containers not autoloading and being empty. I have found that those containers somehow turn into decoration objects. Meaning they have no purpose. What i did was close the game and go into the mods then find the logistic...
  3. traubman

    tips and tricks

    Maybe an idea for (new) players to read and make use of it. So let`s start of with a tip that maybe not everyone knows; In the back of the orchards is a drum, it is a compost mixer and if you mow the grass and tip it there it produces compost. You can then via the normal menu spawn a pallet of...
  4. traubman

    thanks to the makers

    I want to thank all the makers of the maps and the mods for putting all there energy and time into this wonderful game. Without a doubt it are well put together mods/maps for us to enjoy. And it has something for every player to start a career.