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    PV County updates >20

    After downloading the update i´ve seen that there is now PV_COUNTY_ASSETS and PV_MAP_ASSETS. Do they both have to be in the mod folder?
  2. K

    PV County updates >20

    Thanks so much! Are there any patch notes to be found ?
  3. K

    Bug Transport Mission

    Hey guys, i have all 6 mission pallets placed in the drop of point but there seems to be a problem with the percentage of the mission. While moving around the pallets inside the marker it switches between 17, 33 and 50 % not higher. I have in memory that there was something about this bug, but...
  4. K

    what to do if one's mine is empty it gets full again at a time
  5. K

    Buyable explosives and bridges

    Is it possible to create a single bridge in the modDesc or in the map with editing?
  6. K

    Buyable explosives and bridges

    First of all many thanks for this great map. I have a suggestion for later: Is it possible to buy explosives and bridges for money? That would be a nice extension, where you don't need much space for buildings, especially if you choose the mud start.
  7. K

    dynamic mud

    If you have the mud active like the article describes you are set. But it needs to rain first. Works on both versions for me.